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SOBRE MIM- Comunicação

Among friends.
Photographing father and daughter in the warm waters of the Diamantina slate.

     Dhan Ribeiro was born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, on May 24, 1961. From his father, an amateur photographer aficionado, he received a Kodak Instamatic and the first impulses that educated him visually.

     However, it was only in college that he began reaching for his goal of using photography as a narrative tool for his existential concerns.

His training is essentially self-taught, having held several workshops and courses for deepening and refining of his sight. During this period he set up his own photography studio and held exhibitions.

In 1998 he travelled to India to start his personal project: Religions: Why intolerance?

     He graduated in Social Communication, specializing in editorial production. He founded Kalango Publishing in 2008.

     Three years ago, he resumed photography, starting a series of experimental works, where the search for a visual poetry stimulated his creative process.

     In 2018, he organized a photographic exhibition in Sardinia: Sea Lights and in Brazil, at the Federal University of Bahia: Urban Us. For the end of July 2020, in the city of London, he has scheduled a new exhibition: Big Snake zigzagging along the Itamboatá River.

     At the beginning of the year, he published and launched his book: Arunachala: The Sacred Spiral of Shiva. This book is a result of a photographic essay held in the city of Tiruvanamalai, South India, during the months of February and March 2019. Recently he returned from Varanasi, where working on two news essays: Sadhus: These Illuminated Beings and Life and the Death in one breath.

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